Maela hair dye works quick and is easy to apply by yourself. You should apply it directly to your grown-out roots and graying areas. It is designed to seamlessly blend with any previous shade and protect your hair.

Start at the roots

You no longer need to visit a hair stylist every few weeks to get your roots retouched. You don’t have to do a full color to fix up your roots. Maela has multiple colors to choose from and it will match your previous color even if it's not a Malea shade.

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No more gray hair


Special formula

Maela hair dye is an innovative solution that allows you to hide gray hairs, quick and easy right at home. It’s formula is really gentle and rather thick so it doesn't drip everywhere and can be used even when you are in hurry.


Best care

Most women are usually in a hurry and self care can get left behind sometimes if it's too time-consuming. Maela hair dye is for all those times you are in a rush and want to quickly get it out of the way.


Easy to use

Maela hair dye is really easy to use and smells great. It provides full gray coverage while nourishing your hair and keeping it smooth and soft. The product is designed to deliver great results and be simple to use.

Conditioner included

You will get an after color conditioner which is specially enriched with nature's finest: avocado, olive, and shea oils, to protect against dryness while locking in moisture to keep your color radiant and your hair silky soft.